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Post by Meddadog on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:00 pm

@}~)~~ Infinitus Legati ~~(~{@

Welcome to Infinitus Legati. Infinitus Legati translates from Latin as "Infinite Legacy". We strive to make a positive mark on the face of runescape, and bring back a small piece of the way things used to be in runescape years ago. We hearken back to the strong, friendly community of runescape's early days, and strive to advance those values.

We are a community based clan, first and foremost, and our members are always our first concern. We do our best to create a friendly, and fun environment for all of our members. We believe that a who a person is far outweighs what a person has, and a friendly face beats a tall cash stack any day. We do all manner of events, from simple things such as hide and seek, all the way to God Wars Dungeons. Our members are always there for eachother, to help, to play, to laugh, and just to have fun. We have very loose requirements for activity, and you will not find yourself being bound or cornered by ridiculous requirements which you see in so many other clans these days.

We always strive to improve the clan in any way possible, and will always take suggestions into consideration. Each and every member of the clan is equally important, and each and every member will always have their voice heard. Members will never be 'lost in the crowd' as happens in many clans these days. We are a family, first and foremost, and each and every one of us matters. We thrive on the strong bonds of friendship which we create, and those bonds make runescape a marvelous place to be.

Check out what we are all about, and see if we may be a fit for you. We would love to add another member to our family. We hope to hear from you soon.


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