850k + Magic and Crafting Exp

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850k + Magic and Crafting Exp Empty 850k + Magic and Crafting Exp

Post by EpicFuzzBall on Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:17 am

The requirements are 77 magic and Lunar Spellbook.

1. Start off by buying 4500 Buckets of Sand and 4500 Seaweed
2. Buy 2100 Fire Rune and 700 Astral Rune
3. Equip a staff of air and head to a one-click bank
4. WIthdraw your runes. Then withdraw 14 of seaweed and bucket of sand.
5. Use superglass make spell. It takes 3 seconds to convert your entire inventory.
6. Repeat the process.

The hourly profits come out to 850K/hr. You also receive 25k magic exp and 45k crafting exp per hour.


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