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Post by Meddadog on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:00 pm

@@ ~General Rules~ @@
1. All Runescape/Jagex rules apply
2. Listen to ranks.
3. Treat EVERYONE with respect.
4. No fighting, if any fights start, work it out peacefully through private messages or your own clan chats.
5. Try to attend at least one event a week.
6. Do NOT ask for ranks.
7. Bump the thread when you are able to keep it from falling off of page 50.
8. Notify the owner via private message on the clan site for extended absences (1 week or longer)
9. Do not advertise dice game, flower game, or any other such activity in that vein within the clan chat.
10. Do not beg within the clan chat.
11. No seriously offensive jokes (ie. Racist jokes) *Low humor is acceptable

~Meeting Rules~
(These are to ensure swift and effective meetings. No one wats to sit through a two hour meeting, when it could easily be 15 minutes)
1. Don’t talk while another person is speaking.
2. No Alchemy without permission from a leader.
3. Please remain in your chosen spot while the meeting is occuring


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