FASTEST 1-99 Mining Guide

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FASTEST 1-99 Mining Guide Empty FASTEST 1-99 Mining Guide

Post by EpicFuzzBall on Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:27 am

Picks| Level needed

Iron 1
Steel 6
Mithril 21
Adamant 31
Inferno adze: 41 (+ 92 firemaking to obtain the inferno adze)
Stealing Creation pick: 40
Dragon: 61

Ore: Copper/Tin
Spot: Varrock East Mine, West Mine

Profit: 0

Ore: IRON!
Spot: Rimmington Mine, Falador West Mine, Tree Gnome Mine (Very low key mines)

Profit: 0

Ore: Concentrated Gold Ore
Spot: Living Rock Caverns (Falador mine)

Profit: 34m

Note: This area is not SAFE (Using a world like 77 is recommended) There is a bank in the closed off area so banking is simple. 40k xp/h (But with minimal attention needed provided you have a higher defense level).


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