Magic: 1 - 99 ( F2P and P2P )

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Magic: 1 - 99 ( F2P and P2P )

Post by EpicFuzzBall on Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:37 am

F2P Methods
Level 1-3: Wind Strike
Well, this is easy! When you're starting out at that wee level one, with not an experience point to your name, all you have to do is grab yourself equal amounts of mind and air runes (which you can get free samples of at Aubury's in Varrock, or you can substitute the Air runes for an air staff), and cast Wind Strike on ducks in the river, the imprisoned Zamorakian Mage in Varrock Palace (northern Varrock) or just magic training dummies in Lumbridge, until you reach level 3.

Level 3-19: Confuse
This is quite similar to the first method. All you have to do is grab 3 water runes, 2 earth runes, and 1 body rune per cast. You can substitute water or earth runes with a respective elemental staff. After you have your runes, confuse the Zamorakian Mage in Varrock Palace (I advise only the Zamorakian Mage because of his high regeneration rate, meaning you can cast curse in succession more effectively) until you get to level 19.

Level 19-39/55: Curse
Again, very similar to the previous two methods. Grab 3 earth runes, 2 water runes, and 1 body rune per cast. Again, you can substitute water or earth runes with their respective elemental staff. Curse the Zamorakian Mage until 39, or until 55. Whatever "floats your boat". I would suggest 39 for the impatient ones, but those who have time on your hands, go for as high as you can until 55! :teehee:

Level 39-55: Crumble Undead
This gets a bit different. You will need 2 air runes, 2 earth runes, and 1 chaos rune per cast. (Replace air or earth with their respective elemental staff if you wish). You will then need to go to the Varrock Sewers. Use the manhole to the east of the palace and travel northwest. Follow the path north and you will come upon a stream of sewage separating you from some unruly undead. Don't worry, they can't possibly get you from here. Cast Crumble Undead on them until 55.

Level 55-99:High Level Alchemy
By now, you can cast High Level Alchemy! Those dreams in your head swirling around about now, I can picture. Dreams of riches? Dream on. It's extremely hard to profit from High Level Alchemy. Anyways, you need 1 nature rune, and 5 fire runes (substitute Fire runes for a Fire staff if you wish) per cast. I suggest to advance level by level until 99, taking your time, so you don't get bored. Or, if you're patient, just buy all the Nature runes required and train whenever you can. At level 99, amaze your F2P friends while having no skillcape! (unless you get members) :teehee:

P2P Methods
Levels 1-45: See below.
Levels 1-45, there's really nothing to do except follow the F2P Guide above. Follow it to 45 before starting this P2P guide.

Levels 45-74/80: Camelot Teleport
The classic Camelot teleport. Though Claudia disapproves of this, I'm still putting this here for it's decent experience, however expensive/unprofitable it is. For this spell, you need 1 law rune and 5 air runes. Use and Air Staff for the air runes and that leaves you with law runes. Buy the amount of law runes to get to either 74 or 80 Magic, then teleport to that level. (See wut I did thar?)

Levels 74-80: Teleother Lumbridge
Ah yes, the coveted Teleother Lumbridge spell. One of my favourite spells. I use it at house parties to steal a seat! For this, you will need 1 soul rune, 1 law rune, and 1 earth rune. Or, just an earth staff as a replacement for the earth runes. Teleother people in Lumbridge until 80. You'll have no trouble finding those who will volunteer. Just remember to ask them to turn their Accept Aid on.

Levels 80-99: Stun
Ah, stunning! I love this method. Mainly, because it got me from 80-99 in 3 months, but otherwise, it's probably the most cheapest for your exp on this guide! Of course, some restrictions apply. 12 of both earth and water runes, and 1 soul rune per cast. I HIGHLY recommend you substitute the water and earth runes for a mud staff. It's worth it in the longrun. For this, a Construction level of 37 is also required. First things first, you must have an elemental balance in the games room of your Player Owned House. Next, you must go to your Player-owned House, activate the balance, and stun it for your life's worth. Here are some tips, as this is the most complicated step in my guide;

1. Whenever possible, use Stealing Creation items for double the experience of stunning. You can buy Stealing Creation armour from, well, Stealing Creation! It's a minigame located just south of the Wilderness Volcano, and entertaining too. For how to play, research it, as it would be too large to fit into this puny guide. Anyways, my advice is to just buy any piece of armour, and wear that (Many people prefer hats for their cheap price). Now wait just one moment! I wouldn't advise buying more than 4 pieces of armour. All you need are four, and alternate between each until they all have no charge. Then, you must recharge them at the rewards trader for 20 Stealing Creation points each. It saves you many stealing creation games.

2. Now, you could always use the Mage of Zamorak for a substitute for an elemental balance, but it's 2x slower. The elemental balance has no recovery time, and as such you don't have to wait to cast Stun again. There is a 2 second timeout for Stun, but that's normal.

3. To make stunning even faster, I advise (if you have them) using assignable keys otherwise, just use the keyboard/mouse. Assignable keys are keys that you can assign to control your computer. Whether it be clicking, typing, or whatever. I think you can buy USB pads for this. Assign the keys to F5 and left-click. Just go into a resizeable screen mode, go into the corner of your games room which has the ranged game, align Stun with your elemental balance's location (it should be translucent, so you'll have no trouble), and move your cursor so it hovers over Stun. Resize your window if you wish, so you can watch a video, movie, or whatever. Then, with your cursor still on Stun, press F5-left click-F5-left click continuously (the assigned keys if you used an assigned keypad). Ah, finally. A fast, non-boring way to train Magic. Enjoy the movie and just keep doing that until the movie's finished, you get bored, or you run out of runes.

Alternate methods and tips
Alternate method: Level 43: Superheat Item
The reason I didn't put this in the guide is because I don't expect anyone low leveled to have quite enough money to do this effectively, yet. But if you do, you can. All you need are 1 nature rune and 4 fire runes or a fire staff. Superheat ores to make bars, and sell them on the GE! Claudia pointed out to me that this is profitable with steel bars all the time, so, you might want to superheat steel bars. P.S. Superheat item is decent experience too.

Alternate method: Level 86: Plank Make (second fastest experience)
The reason I didn't put this in the guide is also because it is too expensive. You need 2 astral runes, 1 nature rune, 15 earth runes, some coins, and logs to make into planks. Substitute earth runes for an earth staff. It's pretty damn unprofitable, and I only recommend it to the rich ones.

Alternate method: Level 80: String Jewellery (fastest experience)
Ah, String Jewellery. Got me from 98-99 80% of the way in less than 6 hours. Mainly, because I was impatient. I do not recommend this to anyone looking to make a profit, though I HIGHLY recommend it to those who can afford it, and want fast experience only. 2 astral runes, 10 earth runes, 5 water runes. Otherwise, just use your mud staff and the astrals. I recommend stringing unstrung symbols, they're cheap.

Useful tip: Farming runs
If you're anything like me, you'll do farming runs. Whether it's herbs, allotments, trees, etc... You'd love having 99 magic and doing this. It's so much easier. Especially with the different Lunar Spells there are to choose from, you'd be able to complete them in less than 5 minutes. Just refer to your spellbook to find what spells can help, and what spells can't.

Useful tip: Spellbook Swap
This is by far my favourite spell. At a requirement of level 96 Magic, Dream Mentor, and Lunar Spells access, you can cast this to switch to another spellbook for one spell. Of course, you need to unlock the spellbooks before you use them, but hey. And since Spellbook Swap is in the Lunar Spellbook, I'm pretty much on Lunar Spells 24/7 unless I'm fighting in combat. It's that useful. I love it. You need 3 astral runes, 2 cosmic runes, and 1 law rune. Perfect if you want to teleport somewhere but can't be bothered using a tablet or switching spellbooks.

99 Magic!

That's it. You'll have 99 Magic now. Congratulations!


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