Actual Flipping Guide (Not Merchanting)

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Actual Flipping Guide (Not Merchanting) Empty Actual Flipping Guide (Not Merchanting)

Post by Meddadog on Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:40 pm

Not to knock wizkid's guide, but the guide is for merchanting items, and not for flipping them, lol.

Here is how to flip....

First, you need to think of an item which is bought and sold a lot, and one that not a lot of people will have thought of.... examples of common ones (and therefore not that good) are nature runes, essence, logs, etc.

Depending on the amount of money you have to work with, you will need to choose an item that is lower or higher in cost. Lower cost items generally have smaller profit per item, but you can buy more. More expensive items have larger margins, but you can buy less.

I will give one example that I use occasionally, for a quick 25-40k each flip.... potatoes. they would be better, but there is a 1k buy limit on them, so your profits are limited. (i believe the limit is per day, but I'm not sure)

This is how you flip, however.

1) choose your item (we will use potatoes as an example)
2) Go onto the GE, and put in an offer for ONE potato. put in the purchase price at way above the cost (so if its say 180 value, put in the buy at 500)
3) collect the potato, and then sell it on the ge for way below the price (so if its 180 value, sell it as 80)
4) collect the money from the sale
5) go to the history "right click on the ge guy, then click history)
6) check the last 2 exchanges, which will be the buying and selling of the potato
7) the price you sold the potato for, +1gp, will be the price you put in when buying the large quantity of potatoes, and the price you bought the potato at, -1gp, will be the price you sell them at. the profit per item, or margin, will be the difference between the price you buy at, and the price you sell at.
....... so for example, you bough the potato at 220gp, and sold it at 190gp. therefore, you would buy the large quantity at 191gp each, and then sell them at 219gp each, so a 38gp profit per potato.

In this way, you test the margins for each item before you attempt to flip it, and know what prices to buy and sell at, and what the profit will be. The margins do change frequently, especially on commonly flipped items. Make sure to check margins each time you do an item, and try to find items that are not commonly flipped.

While there is some risk here, it is significantly smaller than merchanting. You do not make money as quickly, but you also stand less chance of losing a lot of money. With around 20m cash to work with, i was able to make between 200 and 300k per flip on a certain item. I also did other items, for profit as well. If done right, with a good amount of money to play with, you can make a couple million per day, with minimal work.

Also, be sure to be patient with the flips. The items do not generally buy quickly, or sell quickly, at the prices you set. This is because you are at the outskirts of sell and buy prices, which is also why you profit. Have patience, and you will be able to profit.

Some items are faster than others, and some are slower. Food and runes, for example, generally are faster, but have smaller profit margins. Other items are slower, but have larger margins. I prefer the slower ones, with larger margins, personally. One of the main reasons the slower, larger margins are nice, is because those items are generally flipped far less, and you have a smaller chance of being undercut by other flippers.

Good luck with the flipping, I hope this guide helps. Very Happy


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