Monthly Meeting (December)

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Monthly Meeting (December) Empty Monthly Meeting (December)

Post by Meddadog on Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:53 am

The monthly clan meeting will be the 7th of January, at around 4pm EST, at Meddadog's house in Yanille. The meetings for the month are usually the final weekend of the month, but due to holidays the December meeting has been pushed to the first weekend in January. Hope to see you all there.

Simple Version:

Event: Monthly Meeting
Date: 1-7-12
Time: 4:00pm EST
Place: Meddadog's house (Yanille)


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Monthly Meeting (December) Empty Re: Monthly Meeting (December)

Post by Meddadog on Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:54 am

An additional note on the meeting:

Directly Following the meeting will be a very special event. It will serve to both fundraise for the clan (to help me pay for the monthly clan rewards), and to reward one lucky winner.

We will be having a Polar Kebbit Hunting Contest. It will last a full one hour. If you do not know how to hunt polar kebbits, do recommend learning how before the 7th.

The pelts will all be turned in as "full" loads of 26(because when u catch them, u get a pelt, bones, and meat, and that means the last two slots will always be unable to fill bc u need 3 free to catch). the loads will go to meddadog, who will be at relleka by the bank deposit guy.

The winner of this event will receive a SARADOMIN SWORD. Aurora Pax donated the sword to be a part of a clan giveaway, so say thank you to her when you see her.

I'm not sure of the current market value of the SS, but about 2 months ago it was around 6m. so train up for the event (hunter level really doesn't effect how fast u catch them, but training your routes, memorizing the paths, etc will help ur speed)

The hunter level required for polar kebbit hunting? Level 1. One. So anyone can participate, on even ground.

To level the field even a little more, we will have a second person with me at the place u will turn in the pelts, for those below level 20 hunter... he/she will hand out 1 hunter potion for each full load handed in (and each person below lv 20 starts with one pot).

So a simple way to level the field slightly, even tho hunter lv doesn't have a massive effect on success rate:

Below Lv. 20 - One hunter potion per run
Below Lv. 50 - Polar Camo allowed
Above Lv. 50 - No Camo allowed

To level the field as far as agility goes....

Below Lv. 20 - No handicap
Lv. 20 to 50 - Dragonhide Set(or Snakeskin, or hardleather) must be worn
Lv. 50 to 70 - Half set of melee plate must be worn (pl8body and pl8legs)

Lv. 70 to 99 - Full Plate set must be worn (pl8body, pl8legs, full helm, kiteshield)

Good luck to everyone. This should be as fair a competition as I'm able to make it.


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