Computer Optimization/Safety Workshop Event

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Computer Optimization/Safety Workshop Event

Post by Meddadog on Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:54 am

Date: 1-2-12
Time: Between 4pm and 6pm EST, depending on how many people are online

This is a rather odd concept for an event, but with the increasing number of people being hacked in RS these days (I know a few ppl in the clan have been hacked, truthisaruin and whizkid240 to name two).... I'm going to help prevent this, and help to speed up everyone's computers who come, for free.

I'm figuring to ring in the new year by helping make sure that everyone's computers run as best as they can, and as safe as can be.

Those who attend will not only get the help, but also will get tickets for attending as well.

I'll be covering things such as:


- Removing Un-needed background processes
- Stopping programs from starting at windows startup that are not necessary (AIM, Skype, etc).
- Increasing paging file (a substitute sort of for ram, if you do not have a lot of ram. it is slower than having actual ram, but it does help)
- Optimizing the Graphics settings for performance vs quality (for those who don't want to run on minimum settings, but cannot run full screen HD well. There are several elements that can be changed, modified, or left out, that do not effect visuals overly much, but can increase performance, such as anti-aliasing)
- How to defrag your computer
- How to clear your cookies and cache (if using a browser for RS) or how to clear your jagex cache (if using a client)
- For the slightly more experiened: port forwarding

- Great, Free antiviruses, and the best one to use based on your system specs
- Great, one-run tools for virus removal (and good to use once every so often just to be safe)
- How to configure a firewall better
- An extra utility, peerblock, which can provide fantastic protection against keyloggers, and at worst provide early warning of them.
- Special ways to login and keep your passwords etc safe, such as windows on-screen keyboard.

Hope to see you there.


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