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Post by Meddadog on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:03 pm

Ranks: Defined

Tier 1 Respect Ranks

-Tier one is based on activity, how social you are, and your personality. These ranks are solely demeanor and behavior based.

Tier 2 Respect Ranks

-Tier two is based on contributions to the clan, and how much effort you put in. Attending events, helping others, etc are all goow ways of advancing to tier two, and up tier two.

Rank: Administrator
Duties: Recruiting each week, through the forums, and in game. Must recruit from the forums each week.

Event Managers*
Rank: Organisers
Duties: Coordinate and run regularly scheduled events. Must do at least 2 events a week.

System Managers*
Rank: Coordinators
Duties: Oversee and run various systems of the clan, such as the ticket system, or discipline system.

High Council
Rank: Overseers
Duties: Heads of the other ranks, such as systems managers, recruiters, and event managers. They do the same work as the rank which they head, and also manage the members of that rank for which they are head. They may also be specialists in other areas as assigned by the owner.

Head of Council
Rank: Deputy Owner
Duties: Makes sure that the High Council is doing their job, fills in where necessary, attends to other matters where needed.

*Recruiters, Event Managers, and System Managers are denoted by different ranks in the clan ranking, but are all equal in terms of status. The permissions associated with those ranks are also identical


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